From my stupid dumb Bagginshield fic that I finished ages ago, here’s modern day Galadriel.

Because I can.

Fic can be found here;  We were lovers in a past life  

I wanted to draw my Cousland. Because marathon binging Dragon Age does things.

I just love him to bits. 

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Please don’t do this

I do what I want! :D

Hello, my name is Rita and I like to draw homosexuals.

I’d like to ignore October and pretend that when Aki became a cop in Trinity soul, Shinji opened his own restaurant and they were super domestic fluffy husbands and no one can tell me otherwise. 

Persona 3 and 4 tarot.

Kanji Tatsumi and Akihiko Sanada as the Emperor (weapons are from their final persona forms)

This may or may not become a thing. 

More Firebird Suite Bagginshield. I mad cheated but the coloring was super fun…which is rare. Normally I hate coloring…or inking. or my own art…

Spring sprite Bilbo and elk Thorin give me life. And inspiration. 

It was supposed to have more panels… but I ran out of motivation…and patience *rolls into the sun*

I give up.

Centaur man and his nerd boyfriend.

There we go. Titanfall/Bagginshield AU  where Bilbo is a pilot. Here is his Ogre titan.

I am so done. Doooone. I can’t clean or sketch this anymore. Giant robots hurt the soul. I hope it was freaking worth it *rolls into the sun*


I’ve been reading Hotblood a lot.

New ocs, inspired by the idea of centaurs living among us (I take no credit for this idea, Hotblood inspired all of it… you guys should read it) but in modern day. Centaur lad and his ickle Korean boyfriend. They give me feels.

…I guess they need names.

Doodling at the hotel during Animenext and inspired by my dear friend’s( advanceinsane ) cosplay, doodled some Lilith